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What Does Your HVAC Business Card Say About Your Business?


Don't overlook the importance of an HVAC business card and how you use it.  It is something that people should carry with them at all times and be ready to use whenever the opportunity presents itself.  If you consider for a moment that basically every structure in our society requires HVAC, you can starbiz cardt to see everyone as a client and you need to know how to use your business card effectively.


Have an Elevator Speech

What does this mean?  When you go to a party or any kind of social gathering, people probably ask you what you do.  If you are in the business of selling HVAC services, then you should hand them a business card when they ask and have a short speech ready.  You don't need to prattle on for ten minutes, in fact you shouldn’t.  If you have a thirty second long, succinct and clear message you will pick up additional clients.


Take an Emotional Tack

Consider for a moment that you are putting a company slogan of some sort on your HVAC business card.  You should choose carefully what you put.  Many proprietors are prompted to say what it is that they do.  Instead, focus on an emotional angle for the client.  Instead of saying ‘we install brand X type of units’, tell them how their home will be warm when it's cold.  Obviously, reverse this depending on your geographical location but most of all let them know that you can make them comfortable.  Stress to them that you can take the worry out of HVAC servicing.  Appeal to them emotionally.


Include Your Website

When you hand out your HVAC business card, it should have the name of a website on it.  Feel free to mention your website specifically when you hand out your business card.  It doesn't cost much to put together a website that has good information on it.  Take a few pictures and be positioned to educate your potential clients.  When they see that, they are much more likely to call you.


Consider Putting Incentives on Your Card

There's nothing that says you have to have only one HVAC business card.  You can have a specific one for existing clients that mentions that you will give them discounts if they refer somebody.  You can also give those referrals a discount and it's an excellent way to generate new business.


Innovate Service with Your Business Card

You may not find that you can reinvent the wheel when it comes to product or service innovations in the HVAC industry.  What you can do is be an innovator in terms of service.  Far too many companies do not follow up properly with their clients.  If you send out a survey with your HVAC business card asking people whether or not they were happy with the service and asking how you can improve, you do marketing for free and you make your customers’ impression of your service better.


Using business cards effectively is an art.  It is one of the cheapest ways to do effective marketing and if you understand the power of a business card and all the things that go along with it, you will be able to effectively raise your profits.


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I am looking for a good "tagline' to put on our HVAC company business card...any suggestions? Thanks, Frank
Posted @ Monday, May 20, 2013 8:31 AM by frank gonzalez
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